The Power Up Protocol

"Kind Heart, Fierce Mind, Strong Spirit"

Did you know that our genes affect not only our hormone balance, our ability to lose weight, our fertility, our heart, bowel and brain health, our risk for cancer and our risk for various other diseases, but also our ability to feel contentment, passion, joy and love?


Geneticists understand that our DNA sends its messages to our body in packets of light. Neuroscientists have recently discovered that the messages from our brains are sent as light signals. Biologists know that our cells communicate with one another by sending light signals through an interconnected fibre optic network that runs throughout the body.

Light is energy.

Toxins, nutritional deficiencies, structural problems, food intolerances and stress can all block the integrity, flow and interconnectedness of the messages, altering healthy gene expression, and lowering energy levels and life expectancy in the process.

In other words science is clear that our environment, our lifestyle and even our thoughts have the ability to affect our gene expression. This means that was we choose to eat, think and do counts just as much towards our overall health, wellbeing and life expectancy as the genetic profile we are born with.

Healing traditions in all cultures around the world have understood this for hundreds of years. Science and spirituality are coming together beautifully in the biophysics of today.......

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For additional information on the relevance of light to health, please refer to Professor Fritz Albert Popp’s website for a synopsis:

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