Words from my patients

You may find it useful to know how my patients have found working with me and how they have benefited, so here are just a few testimonials for you to read.

“I have known Iris for the past 3 years after a friend recommended her to me. I bless the day I met her, she has been such a help to both my husband and myself and continues to be so. She has a very calm and gentle approach with her clients which puts one immediately at ease, she is both empathic and understanding, her consultations are never rushed, she truly takes an interest in her clients and clearly loves her job. She is very easy to talk to and her combined use of Homeopathy and Kinesiology make for a very in-depth consultation. I have had much success since seeing her and have no reservation in recommending her to anybody, she is very special, and I am so pleased to have found her.”

Rosie H


“A visit to Iris is always uplifting. Just at the point that you feel that no one understands, and you are asking yourself if you’ll ever feel better, you only have to walk through Iris’s door and you know you are in safe hands. Iris’s compassion, depth of knowledge and dedication along with her ability to combine her skills as a homeopath with Kinesiology sets her apart. I have been a patient of Iris for three years, presenting her with what has seemed like an endless list of symptoms which have persisted over many years. Iris has steadily worked with me using her skills and at the same time suggesting dietary changes and encouraging me to confront personal issues. This holistic approach has worked miracles such that I haven’t needed to see Iris for several months as I am feeling so much better.”

Leslie L


“Iris is a gifted and knowledgeable homeopath whose approach using Kinesiology allows you to experience how your body is strengthened by different remedies. She is a compassionate and dedicated practitioner, always passing on useful information and ideas. I feel I have learned a lot from my healing journey with Iris. I am more conscious about what foods nourish and are less good for my body, and have really enjoyed learning about the holistic, wider picture and the nature of homeopathic remedies. I have felt many shifts in my health since working with Iris and will continue to highly recommend Iris to friends and family.”

Chloe K

East Sheen

“Iris Hay has been my point of call for the past two years for all my homeopathic needs. I use homeopathic remedies all the time for myself and my seven- and four- year old daughters; it helps us stay on top of colds and minor illnesses. I started using Homeopathy about five or six years ago when my daughter was teething really badly and I have never looked back. I am a biologist by training, so I was a bit sceptical at first but when I saw my oldest daughter go through three sets of antibiotics before she got better from something that started from a simple cold I had to say enough was enough, there has to be alternatives. I am not saying antibiotics are bad, they are an amazing drug but like anything they need to be used correctly. Since moving to using remedies to treat all our minor ailments, we have never had to use antibiotics and we rarely ever use Calpol or other medicines, we keep them for when they are really needed. If I can’t find a remedy or figure something out for myself I go to Iris, she will always have suggestions and advice on what might help. Recently, I had some issues myself with inflammation in my gut and I was getting terrible heartburn and although I had tried to figure it out myself, this was a bigger issue and I needed help. I did go to the doctor, too, to rule out an ulcer etc. but unfortunately I got little support from my GP - Gaviscon was her only suggestion. I went to Iris and, using a combination of Homeopathy & Kinesiology we worked through my symptoms and found a solution and my symptoms went away. It was not something that happened overnight and it did take a few months for my gut to heal and the symptoms to resolve but they did and I will be forever grateful. If you are considering using Homeopathy or Kinesiology and you have gone to the trouble of finding out more about it, trust your gut for getting you to look it up and just give it a try. My remedy box is my first point of call when there is any sign of illness or injury in our family and Iris is always there to give trusted advice or get a remedy from when needed.”

Maria F

East Sheen

“Iris was recommended to me through a friend and we met up eight months ago. I turned up with a lot of problems which can happen in your 70s, the first being in great pain in need of a knee replacement. Iris immediately got me on various remedies for control of pain before the operation, then more to take immediately afterwards, more to stop an infection and more to reduce swelling and heat. This meant I managed without the medication prescribed by the hospital and am now pain-free. She is a lovely caring, calm person and nothing is too much trouble. She posts the remedies to you immediately and I couldn’t recommend her more. Thank you, Iris, for going the extra mile for all of us.”



“I went to see Iris as I had been suffering with IBS symptoms and low energy for over a year. The symptoms were having a debilitating impact on my day-to-day life. My GP was unable to offer any further support, so I began to look for alternative treatment. Iris is very approachable, kind and a sympathetic listener. She is always happy to answer any questions in between appointments, which is very reassuring. I’m extremely happy to have worked with Iris and to have resolved the debilitating symptoms of IBS. I will continue to work with Iris on any health issues that may arise in future. Thank you Iris for all your help and support.”

Louise W

New Malden

“Dear Iris, I wanted to update you on my progress … I am at the point now where I think surgery is unnecessary! I have not wanted to speak too soon but the turnaround in my condition has been nothing short of miraculous. So, I thank you hugely for that. I have not needed painkillers for the last two weeks and have felt able to live my life again. In short, I am a convert to Homeopathy.”

C. Chapman


"I am trying to overcome CFS which can be a complex issue to treat. I started seeing Iris a few months ago. She has been just so supportive, understanding and active in helping to peel away the layers of the problem and has helped me to get relief from some of the awful symptoms. For many people CFS can take quite a while to overcome. After seeing many different practitioners, I feel Iris is the right one to help me on this journey because of her support, persistence and eagerness to try and get to the root of the problem. I have grown to trust Iris, which is important when you face a problem that makes you feel vulnerable."



“Hi Iris, Thank you so much for your patience and advice. Your expertise is very much appreciated. When I look back at my last year health condition, I realise I overcame a lot of issues, and all because of you:) I look forward to continuing with both Homeopathy and Kinesiology.”

Cristina N


“Before I met Iris I didn’t know much about Homeopathy. I am so glad that a friend of mine told me about her. What a truly wonderful person she is. My son had some side effects to modern medicine and he needed help. Homeopathy has helped him. Iris is so easy to be around. She made us feel very at home and at ease. The important thing is, she listened. She really listened to me. Iris seemed to ask all the right and important questions. By doing this, Iris helped us paint the picture. My son is doing wonderfully with Homeopathy. Now, I know and understand more about it, I even treat our household with my own remedy kit.”



“As a mother of two children who have experienced the usual ups and downs of normal health problems, I wanted to find a way past the only solution of antibiotics and inhalers. Homeopathy and the holistic approach to medicine is so helpful for children’s health because it looks at the individual child, their propensities, and how their whole systems tend to function. I have used the services of a number of experienced homeopaths over the last 15 years. Iris Hay, without doubt, is the best of them. She is highly intelligent, quickly intuitive and understanding of the child before her, and incredibly efficient and professional. My son had a finger substantially amputated in an accident. Within hours, Iris had prescribed and had delivered to me remedies for the shock, immediate healing and bone-knitting necessary. Surgeons believed that my son would lose the feeling in his finger when reattached. With the help, I am certain, of Iris’s remedies (so quickly brought to the case), two weeks later my son had complete nerve rehabilitation. The surgeon was astounded at the completeness of the healing, the extent of the bone-knit, and the recovery of his nerve endings. Whether it’s dealing with eczema, persistent coughs, croup or viral bugs where conventional medicine fails so often, (or acute emergencies/ post or pre-operative care), I could not recommend Iris strongly enough.”



“Being a first time mum is never easy, you always have a million questions on everything from teething to digestion and feeding as well as sleeping. I wanted to take a natural approach to raising my daughter and Iris has helped me with the above issues and so much more. I highly recommend any parents searching for a holistic manner to treat their children make an appointment with Iris without any delay. I met Iris when my daughter was 3 months old and following Iris’s methods my daughter who is now 2 has never been sick.”


East Sheen

“Iris helped my daughter who had anxiety issues at school. She had a wonderful quiet and gentle manner with her and, as a mother herself, I know she fully understands the stresses and strains that children face these days. Her treatment helped my daughter so much that there were, literally, immediate improvements in her outlook and enjoyment of life. After 2 months of treatment, with Iris constantly looking for feedback and tweaking remedies as they suited my daughter and as she responded, she is completely recovered. It has given both my daughter and I the confidence to look forward in life and know that we have a professional such as Iris to help us if we need her. That knowledge is healing in itself, especially for anxious types!”



“My family and I have been working with Iris on and off for the last three years for both chronic and acute conditions. Iris is very friendly, pleasant and approachable, taking time and care to make all of the family feel comfortable when describing their symptoms, including my youngest who was only 5 when we first began seeing her. She spends a good period of time taking very thorough and accurate case notes so that she has a complete understanding of the symptomology and personal history of the patient. Once she has made a diagnosis, she keeps in regular contact to understand how the patient is responding and whether any revisions or further prescriptions maybe required. Iris has responded to me quickly in times of acute illness, even getting something to me in good time when my elder daughter had a sore throat and was losing her voice the day prior to an interview. I would have no hesitation in recommending Iris’s services and am very glad to have her in my contacts.”



“I arranged a homeopathic consultation with Iris for the treatment of long-standing period problems which had also an impact on my working life. Now, three months later, I can see the positive results of the remedies Iris prescribed for me. As a practitioner, she explained to me why she selected a specific remedy which was also based on my past medical history and therefore put the treatment into my individual context. I found Iris to be really supportive during and also outside my consultation time with her.”



“My toddler son had lots of food intolerance related symptoms and Iris has been a star in helping us get through this. Iris treated my son as an individual and considered all the little information I gave her about him in order to diagnose and treat him correctly. She did this by giving him a combination of great remedies which have worked wonders, not to mention no side effects! We are very happy with our son’s progress and can definitely see an improvement in his health. We are very grateful to Iris for her help and highly recommend her.”


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