Why Choose Micro-Immunotherapy?

The immune system plays a vital role in protecting the body from harmful substances, germs and cell changes that can make us unwell, both in the short and long term.

If you are feeling low, unwell and unable to get your energy levels back on track - and keep them there - it could well be that the balance of your immune system has been disrupted by internal or external factors and is unable to recover on its own and give you the protection it should.


For patients of all ages suffering from frequent bouts of illness, acute, chronic, and recurrent infections, inflammations, autoimmune diseases, allergies, depression, chronic fatigue, ME, stress or burnout, micro-immunotherapy can contribute to recovery and improved quality of life.

Micro-immunotherapy uses the immune system’s chemical messengers, e.g. cytokines and interleukins, at ultra-low doses to restore, rebalance and strengthen the immune system.

Administered in sugar based granules that are dissolved under the tongue, micro-immunotherapy is taken in sequential order, usually over the course of 30 days, to regulate immune responses, optimise the immune system’s function and alleviate symptoms.

What to Expect:

I will spend time with you to understand and assess your health profile and immune status. I will need to find out about your health history, lifestyle and other factors that may be impacting your well-being. Once I have the whole picture, I can ascertain whether micro-immunotherapy is an appropriate therapy for you and create your individual treatment plan.

Micro-immunotherapy is delivered in packs of 30 numbered capsules. They are taken daily and in sequence. You simply open each capsule, empty the granules within under the tongue (sublingual administration) and allow them to dissolve. The granules are sugar-based, similar to those used in Homeopathy.

For further information: www.micro-immunotherapy.com


  • Is an immunotherapy aimed at recovering and/or sustaining immune competence in the long term
  • Imitates the natural immune process, effectively ‘speaking’ the same language as the immune system. It uses the same chemical messengers that are responsible for communicating and coordinating our immune response, working in a carefully programmed sequence to manage infection and inflammation
  • Can be both preventative and therapeutic – there are many different formulations that can be tailored to patients’ exact needs and it can be combined with other treatments in a synergistic manner
  • Is tailored to each patient’s specific needs
  • Complements and can safely be used alongside conventional medicine, other therapies and nutritional supplements.
  • Supports children’s immature immune systems when dealing with infections, thereby minimising the risk of recurrence

Micro-Immunology formulae are:

  • Effective and easy to administer
  • Safe, even for pregnant women, new-borns and the elderly
  • Gentle and non-addictive
  • Palatable – even to children

Free 15 minute consultation

If you are interested in micro-immunotherapy but are not sure whether it is right for you, I offer a free, no obligation 15-minute consultation to help you can find out more and to discuss your needs and how micro-immunotherapy may help.

Our first consultation

This will be face-to-face but thereafter, once I know you and have a clear picture of your needs, it may be possible for your consultation to be via Zoom or by ‘phone.

Telephone and Zoom consultations

Telephone: There is no charge for calls of five minutes or less. Where a remedy is prescribed by phone for an acute problem, such as a cold, the charge is £10. If a telephone appointment replaces a face-to-face consultation, normal rates apply.

Zoom: Please contact me if you would like to organize a Zoom consultation. These are charged at the same rates as face-to-face consultations.

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